Installing Active Directory Federation Services (ADFS) 2.0

Configuring ADFS Server as the First server in the ADFS Farm using SQL for the Configuration Database

Adding an additional ADFS Server to your ADFS Farm when using SQL for the Configuration Database

Configuring your ADFS 2.0 Farm to use a SQL Mirror

Installing and Configuring an ADFS 2.0 Proxy Server

Configuring your ADFS 2.0 Single Site environment for High Availability

ADFS 2.0 High Availability and Disaster Recovery with Load Balancing Diagram

Testing and verifying authentication against your ADFS implementation

Setting up a Relying Party Trust in ADFS 2.0

Adding a company logo to your ADFS 2.0 site

Enable Security Auditing in ADFS 2.0

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