Adding a company logo to your ADFS 2.0 site

When a 3rd party site redirects to your ADFS page for authentication the users will see your ADFS site for a brief period of time during sign in. The ADFS site they are directed to is fairly non-descript out of the box. It will look something like this:








To add a logo to the site do the following:

1-On your ADFS servers go to Inetpub -> ADFS -> LS and open the web.config file. When you open notepad choose run as administrator and navigate to the specfied directory.

2. In the web.config file serach for the following


<add key=”logo” value=”logo.png” />


3. Remove the text in lines 1 and 3 to only show the following and save it.

<add key=”logo” value=”logo.png” />

4. Take the logo that you have an either rename if to logo.png or change the line of code in the web.config file to reflect the name of your PNG file then place it in the \LS directory

We did this across all of our ADFS servers. Technically there was really only a need to do it on the ADFS proxies we are utilizing but it can be done on the ADFS servers as well.

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