Setting up a Relying Party Trust in ADFS 2.0

After verifying authentication it’s time to setup a “Relying Party Trust” with the  cloud provider you want to authenticate against your ADFS setup. To do this you will need to exchange metadata. In our case I saved our metadata as an xml file from the following link from our ADFS site and sent it to the relying party.

The relying party will send you the same information. When you receive it you can import it into your ADFS by doing the following:

Right click “Relying Part Trust” and click “add relying party trust”


Click start


Point to the xml file that you’ve received from the 3rd party provider and click next


Enter an name and description

 Choose “Permit all users access to this relying party”

Click next

Then finish and put a check in “Open the edit claims rules dialog”


Click next

 Then click finish. At this point you can have the application that is pointing to your ADFS enabled for SSO.

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