Running a soft recovery on an Exchange 2010 recovery database if it will not mount after restoring it

If you run thru the prior restore step (Exchange Restore) and cannot mount the recovery database you can try the following commands on your Exchange server

Step 1

Verify that the database is in a clean shutdown state. To do this run ESEUTIL /MH “.edb file location”

In our case the command would be eseutil /mh r:\rdb\rdb1.edb

Look at the state value to see the status. For this example our DB showed dirty shutdown

Step 2

If the database is in a dirty shutdown state you can perform a soft recovery by running the following command:

eseutil /r Enn /L “Path of the log files” /D “Path of the database path”

In our case it would be:

eseutil /r Enn /L r:\rdb /D r:\rdb\rdb1.edb

**The “Enn” listed in the above command is the prefix of the log files**

Further info can be found at the following link

Step 3

After the soft recovery is completed, run eseutil /mh again to check the status of the database.

Step 4

The database should be in a clean shutdown state now. If so you will be able to mount the recovery database.

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