Issues when attempting to upgrade Lync 2010 to CU4 -SQL Database rights

We had planned to setup Lync Mobility Services in our Lync 2010 environment. Lync Mobility allows mobile clients such as Android, Iphone and IPad devices to connect to a Lync 2010 backend. The first step in enabling Lync Mobility services in Lync 2010 is to upgrade Lync components to CU4.

CU4 is located at the following link. From the page locate LyncServerUpdateInstaller.exe and download it. I ran the install on our front end server first and then updated our edge server. Our Lync environment is fairly small so the install went quick.

After installing CU4 on both our Front end and Edge server I opted to reboot both systems, services did stop during the updates so if you’re systems aren’t redundant expect downtime. After the systems are back online and you’ve verified connectivity from the client you will need to run the following command to update the pool database with the files installed by the CU4 update.

Install-CsDatabase -Update -ConfiguredDatabases -SqlServerFqdn -UseDefaultSqlPaths

Up to this point everything went fairly smooth. So prior to running this command verify the account you are running it as is a sysadmin on the database server. The install account I used was not and as a result I ran into some troubling issues. If you don’t have the necessary rights to the DB server you will see an error similar to this one in the status log.

Failed to create database rtcdyn
Error (
name: Error
number: -2147221242
Exit code: ERROR_CREATE_DB (-4)

or this one in the deployment log

Error: Script failed (code “ERROR_CREATE_DB”) when installing “BackendStore” on “”. For details, see the following log file: “C:\Users\lyncadmin\AppData\Local\Temp\[2012_02_24][22_48_19].log”

The inability to create the necessary databases during this process caused our systems to go offline. It was easily resolved by adding the install account as sysadmin and re-running the Install-CSDatabase command.

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