NetApp commands

-Determining aggregate reconstruction status.

This command will display the status of aggregate reconstruction after converting an aggregate from Raid 4 to Raid DP. In this example the change was made to a 7gb aggregate and the reconstruction took 3+ days to get to 75% so be patient. The change to Raid DP was made to add additional disks to the aggregate which max’s out with a Raid group size of 8 disks when configured as Raid 4.

netappfiler> aggr status -r
Aggregate njnab2_agg1 (online, raid_dp, reconstruct) (block checksums)
Plex /filer1_agg1/plex0 (online, normal, active, pool0)
RAID group /filer1_agg1/plex0/rg0 (reconstruction 75% completed, block checksums)

-Moving a lun from inside a volume to inside a newly created qtree within that volume

netappfiler*> lun move /vol/mb1vol1/mb1lun1 /vol/mb1vol1/mb1vol1_q/mb1lun1

Explanation: Originally there is a lun named mb1lun1 inside a volume named mb1vol1 (/vol/mb1vol1/mb1lun1). We created a qtree named mb1vol1_q and are looking to move mb1lun1 into the specified qtree. This move can be confirmed via Filerview, Systems Manager, or Snapdrive on the client where the LUN is attached. We ran this command on a live Exchange 2010 server and there was no disruption of data being written to the LUN

netappfiler*> snap list -A

Shows all aggregate snapshots

netappfiler*> snap list -V

Shows all volume snapshots

netappfiler*> snap sched -A

Shows snapshot schedule for aggregates

netappfiler*> snap sched -V

Shows snapshot schedule for volumes

netappfiler*> snap sched – A aggregate1 0 0 0

Changes snap schedule on specified aggregate to none

netappfiler*> snap sched – V volume1 0 0 0

Changes snap schedule on specified volume to none

netappfiler*>reallocate start -f -p /vol/volname

Re-stripes existing data on a volume to all available disks, used after adding disks to an aggregate

netappfiler*> useradmin user add tempuser -g Administrators

Adds a user called tempuser to the system as a member of the administrators group on the local filer

netappfiler*> useradmin user list

Lists all local users created on your filer, the RID and what group that user is a member of

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