Initial Setup on a StorSimple 7520 Storage Unit with Cloud Gateway

A StorSimple 7520 Storage Unit is an ISCSI based system with dual controllers and a “Cloud Gateway” component that allows for backups to Azure storage in the cloud. Articles with those details will follow. For now we will start with the initial configuration of the system out of the box. The screenshot below shows the browser based appliance view

For starters after the serial cable has been connected to the top controller you will need to open a Putty session. The settings needed are in the screenshot below

Click open and you will see the following screen

Click Enter

If the system’s network information is configured already you can type “show” and it will display all of the network related details

If the system’s network information is not configured already you can type in “setup”. At the first prompt type “enable”. For each prompt after enter the IP, Subnet Mask, and Default Gateway and click enter. At this point as long as your network ports are configured correctly you should be able to ping the device and get to the web console

The GUI based Setup Wizard will begin. Click next

Name the system to your liking and configure the remaining IP information as listed

Set your DNS Addresses

Set time zone and NTP servers

View the summary page, make sure all the settings you made are correct and click finish

Once you click finish the system will start applying the settings. Ours took a little under 5 minutes to complete.

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