Using Netapp Operations Manager to perform a Config Backup on filer

FIRST, don’t be confused by all the different names! DFM came first, then it was rebranded to Operations Manager and then yet again to Netapp OnCommand Console. Despite the identity crisis, it is essentially the same tool with extra features of course.

So the purpose of this document is to help you perform a quick backup of your Netapp filer configuration. There are times when this needed; perhaps you are about to make a quick change that shouldn’t affect anything but, you just want to have a current backup just in case.

Login to the system that hosts your Data Fabric Manager (DFM).

You can access the Netapp OnCommand console easily by opening your browser and typing http(s)://nameofserver:8080. This should bring up your login to the OnCommand Console.

From the Dashboard screen, click on Administration at the very top of the screen. Select Storage System Configuration.

This will open up a screen entitled Operations Manager. It should place you right on the first tab which is Control Center. You will see Storage Systems Configurations.

In order to make a backup of a specific filer, fill out the boxes under the Create New Configuration File at the top of the Storage System Configurations screen. Create new configuration file named “yourchoice” pulled from storage system “choose filer”. Then hit Create.

You will see your Configuration file show up under the Configuration Files list.

If you would like to create a copy to keep in another location, click the Select Box beside your file. Then under the Export Configuration Files section, choose either saving to your DFM server or to a file on your computer. I usually keep the same name for consistency.

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